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It will likely be that only with Democracy - not weapons - that Liberia's people can move forward and establish the country as a global powerhouse, an industrialized country ready to compete with developed nations.


S4 Infinity will show determination in our efforts to enhance the national recognition of Liberia, Boast the Democratic process, and lay the foundation for lasting peace as well as sustainable economic and social development.

We WILL be successful, far beyond the numerous technical and logistical challenges which await and overshadow our efforts.

Our mission is not one which can be addressed singularly, for all of our projects and inter-related and dependent on one another for the success of Liberia


We will build relationships with the people and communities; we will strive to assist them to improve the primary or basic functions of their lives.

We will endeavor to provide service, guidance and support beyond their expectations creating a “stimulating experience” thus motivating them to help not only themselves, but other members of the community.

We will be accessible, convenient, efficient and effective in serving the people throughout the community.




 V & L Foundation




       The Varfee and Lutecia Foundation for the Hope & Promise for the People of Liberia (V&L FOUNDATION) was founded in the legacy, honor and memory of our parents...

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S4 Infinity LLC





 Our mission is to rebuild and repair the basic necessities of life for the people of Liberia, one step at a time.

S4 currently owns multiple properties in several locations in and about the capital city of Monrovia. We have collaborated with several partner companies and organizations in a combined effort to grow and stabilize the region...

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Feel free to browse our various projects and categories to view scenes and footage from our "boots on the ground" in Liberia!

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