Computer Literacy: 


During our trip to Liberia in the year 2010, we observed that on the elementary education level, the children were lacking a lot of the tools and supplies that were needed to learn in a comparable method to their counterparts in the new millennium. It is true that books are needed as well as qualified teachers and suitable classrooms, but other organizations are addressing those items. What we at S4 Infinity felt that we could or should contribute is something to bring the classroom alive and expose the young minds to the technology of today. Something they will definitely need to more than understand. They would have to actually see one in use and be able to operate it.

During this thought process I was having a discussion with an elderly gentleman Mr. Griffin Henderson. He informed me that as a hobby he tinkered with old computers, refurbishing them and then would give them away. His grandchildren Tanaiyah, Rya, Creson and Najee would assist him with the process of renovating and testing the computers.I told him I had a couple of computers that I would like him to look at and to my surprise he informed me that he had quite a few he was working on and was about to finish. As I explained the idea in more detail he took immediate interest in what I was talking about, especially since it was to help under privileged children. He stated that he would like to participate in the project and his donation would be to use his talents in refurbishing these computers, adding parts and fixing items at his own cost as his donation. He also said that his grandchildren would be happy to participate in something that will help other kids in another part of the world.


I began to wonder where I would get more computers for the project and that answer came from Jim Pepe of the Bloomfield School System. Of course Mr. Henderson had his own resource for getting computers people no longer wanted. S4 Infinity thus established our first program receiving, restoring and storing our project computers. As the letters from schools in Liberia pour in requesting our aid and to provide them with one or more of our computers, the challenge becomes shipping them to Africa.

But the Lord our God is good, and when one is genuine in their heart and effort he opens doors.

These computers shall continue be donated to elementary and high schools in Liberia at NO CHARGE, and as such, S4 Infinity is always looking to network with persons with a contact in the shipping business! Your help is needed and generosity is greatly appreciated. Email us @ for more details.