Quick Impact Project Proposal

EBOLA Awareness & Preventative Measures Project

OBJECTIVE: Distribution of Ebola Buckets, chlorine packets and bleaches to identified communities.

PRIMARY IMPLEMENTING ENTITY: S4 Infinity along with various donors



Varfee Siryon, Jr. Executive Director

Contact: (800) 976-9212 ext. 101 (USA) / 011*231*886609662 (Liberia) Yarlin Yarzue, Operations Manager (Liberia) Cell: 231*770205908

TARGET COMMUNITIES: Five junctions within the city of Monrovia which are utilized as Transportation Hubs by the populace,  (5 buckets to 5 junctions).

BACKGROUND: In an effort to buttress the Liberian government and other contributing entities effort to give care and hope to the future of Liberia, S4 infinity through it’s Varfee and Lutecia Foundation has embarked on a project that has to do with bucket distributions, which will help extremely in aiding citizens in taking the necessary hygienic measure to prevent themselves from encountering the virus.

RATIONALE: The rationale of the project is to create a hygienic environment so as to save the general public, especially the vulnerable ones who are the masses from encountering this virus (Ebola) for it has been found that simple hand washing is a primary tool as well as avoidance of encountering bodily fluids of the infected.. This project implementation will aid in the lives saving campaign.

DURATION:  The duration of this project is indefinite due to our objective of aiming at continuous distribution.

IMPLEMENTATION:  S4 Infinity has a team comprised of 7 young, energetic individuals that will do the distribution with messages educating users on how they can avoid coming in contact with the virus and that the bucket should be used constantly in the various communities for its intended purpose. Our team will visit the sites regularly with continuous awareness.

For a meager $500.00 USD, this project can become a reality! Click HERE to view the project proposal in detail. Donate below to become a partner  in our efforts to accomplish the QUICK IMPACT PROJECT, and help stem the outbreak of Ebola in our communities!