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Chief Executive Officer, S4 Infinity Corporation

I am Varfee Amadu Siryon Jr, Chief Executive Officer of S4 Infinity Corporation. I am a Liberian national by birth. I usually describe myself as born Liberian and bred in America (The actual African-American). My parents brought my three sisters and me to the United States in 1969. The main reason for that was they both attended college in the United States; my father (the son of a Paramount Chief / House of Representatives member) graduated from Morgan State in Baltimore, MD..  He was the second African to graduate from the United States Immigration Academy.  My mother graduated from North Carolina A&T (in Greensboro) with a BSN in Nursing. They returned to Liberia after getting married in Baltimore, MD.,  and began life together.

My father was appointed Assistant Immigration Commissioner during the Tubman Presidency.  My mother not only practiced her beloved Nursing but taught it as well.  During their time in Liberia, they obtained several pieces of property (Land), most of which happen to be in or close to the capital city of Monrovia. As most Liberians of that era, they wanted their children educated. They moved back to the United States and here they resided for the remainder of their lives. They took us to see our native country in 1974, where we stayed for a couple of months and returned to our beloved America. I had not returned to Liberia until July of 2010.

Over the years as my father taught us about our birth country he would always end his many lectures with ...and someday when you return to Liberia remember to take care of my people... He explained to me the positives and negatives of Liberian society some of which brought about the coup of 1980 and also proceeded to fuel a civil war for the next 14 years.


My parents passed and we inherited the many deeds and paperwork relating to our property in Liberia and like any enterprising American, I decided it was past time to go and see things for myself. All the years of wars and civil conflict had my parents afraid to go to Liberia but I felt it was time. The family members my father had left in charge of the properties had been telling us all kinds of stories on how things were in the country, most of which I found to be untrue.


After this visit, which for me was initially, an exploration, assessment and evaluation mission to see what type of business we could start in Liberia. That is why my sisters and I started S4 Infinity, a New Jersey registered LLC which is trademarked in the United States and Incorporated in Liberia, West Africa. But my business venture, a return to Liberia after more than 35 years turned into more of a social mission after walking along side the people, not just talking but also listening to the people, and actually living amongst the people. But most importantly after the experience I truly understood what my father meant by ...take care of my people... With his decree in my mind and soul, I came up with this Community Building Project. My sisters are giving it their full support and we found after interacting with organizations such as World Ort and Sustainability Labs that these ideas aren’t entirely new but we believe the difference will be in the implementation of the project.


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Hawa Siryon, Chief Operations Officer - V&L Foundation


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Jeremy Felder - Vice President - Office of Project Management



Miatta Stella Herring, S4 Infinity Liberia Liasion

Maima D. Cooper - Administrator, S4 V&L (Liberia)



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