Young Amojah Youth Initiative (YAYI) Project

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S4 Infinity was recently contacted to sponsor the Communities Young Boys Soccer League (CYBSL). This league includes 16 teams who play in a 2 month tournament-style competition. View their request for sponsorship here. Donate to this cause by clicking below!


The V&L foundation shall dedicate all of its efforts to the social welfare of the impoverished people of Liberia. 


The V&L Foundation acts as the fundraising arm of S4 Infinity Corporation, and is a NOT FOR PROFIT organization.


We also attempt to operate using funds from a variety of resources, including: federal and international assistance (loans, grants) and thru contracts with various entities (UN, Church Organizations, and Foreign/Domestic Governments and Private contributors) in an attempt to help the disadvantaged to be vested in a better life style. This shall include assistance to improve the infrastructure of the country, including but not limited to: water, electrical, transportation (rail, bus, etc.), roadways, educational and health programs.




Every penny sent to us is used for the betterment of the Liberian people!

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